Butterfly Tours

Butterfly Tours

Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail (Bhutanitis ludlowi) was first discovered in 1933-34 by the famous English naturalist Frank Ludlow. While unproven claims have been made that this species also exists in Yunnan, China, it is generally accepted that the butterfly is endemic to Tobrang areas of Trashiyangtse, Eastern Bhutan.

After a gap of seventy-seven years, this extremely rare butterfly was rediscovered on 28th August, 2009, by Mr. Karma Wangdi of Kheng Zurphey, a Bhutanese Forester who was than working with the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary. He is currently working with the Ugyen Wangchuk Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE), Bumthang.

The Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail was named the national butterfly of Bhutan, on February 16, 2012.

Route : Paro – Trongsa – Yurmung – Pangzur – Trongsa – Paro

Duration : 8 Nights/9 Days

Campsites : Tongtongphai, Pangzur


Day 1 : Arrive Paro International Airport

Transfer to Hotel

Night halt in Paro

Day 2 : Rest and acclimatize

Night halt in Paro

Day 3 : Drive to Trongsa

Night halt in Trongsa

Day 4 : Drive to Tongtongphai

Lunch at Yurmung

After lunch watch butterflies

Night halt at Tongtongphai

Day 5 : Watch for butterflies all day

Night halt at Tongtongphai

Day 6 : After breakfast, drive to Pangzur

Watch for butterflies all day

Night halt at Pangzur

Day 7 : Drive to Punakha

Lunch at Chendebji

Night halt in Punakha

Day 8 : After breakfast, visit the Punakha Dzong

Visit the Wangdue Dzong

Visit the Chimi Lhakhang

Late evening, drive to Thimphu

Night halt in Thimphu

Day 9 : Fly out from Paro


Areas for Butterflies:

Tongtongphai : Yurmung, Kowthang, Thangsbi, Malempong, Broshong, Gangphai, Wamai, Wengkhang, Thrasa, Tongtongphai

Pangzur : Nambur, Koshela, Baleng, Karsigang, Riwtala, Wangdigang

Some of the butterflies found in the area:

Common Crow, Common Flash, Common Line Blue, Common Nawab, Dark Judy, Great Orange Tip, Great Orange Tip, Indian Cabbage White, Indian Purple Emperor, Large Cabbage White, Plain Tiger, Popinjay, Popinjay, Red-Spot Jezebel, Spangle, Stately Nawab