Wang-due Eco-lodge

Wang-due Eco-lodge

The green experience

Bhutan is best known for its robust eco-system, which is center to its guiding philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

The first of its kind, Wang-due Eco-Lodge at Damina village in Wangduephodrang, is the microcosm of true green lodge in Bhutan. Located at an altitude of 1,450M, it has four cottages, a service building and a traditional farm house built with eco-friendly materials. Energy efficiency, sustainability and community participation is entrenched in its business plan and objective; therefore, it buys vegetables from the local community. Of course its own garden also provides a variety of vegetables, organically grown.

It’s a family run venture devoted to exemplifying eco-friendly pursuit. Further, the lodge is run by employees recruited from the surrounding communities.

Demography: 1st time Leisure travelers /traveler.

Duration: 4-7 days

Best to visit: Throughout the year

Why you must undertake this tour?

  • The structures of the lodge are all built with eco-friendly materials and designed in keeping with the traditional architecture.
  • Guests are treated to the local cuisine, prepared from organic vegetables.
  • Visit the fields with the rural folks and experience the farming culture.
  • Cultural hike to the iconic Nyenzergang monastery, Japhu, Rubesa, Rinchengang and Matalunchu and Gaselo
  • Adventure hike to Khotokha and Nahi villages, following the trails which lead through scenic landscapes.
  • Witness the panoramic view of Wangduephodrang Dzong and the Himalayan ranges.
  • Witness the organic fruits, herbs and vegetables grown in natural gardens and terraces.
  • Trees planted to preserve the local birds and butterfly population.
  • Good waste management and recycling practice. Sewage is treated and mostly biodegradable cleaning items and agents are used.
  • Energy efficiency advocated, using solar water heating system for all hot water and showers. Energy saving bulbs and equipment are used to light and heat the rooms. Biogas is used for cooking and rechargeable torches in all rooms and service areas.
  • The Dzong with the backdrop of Gangchan Tag, the great tiger mountain, which is 6,784M above the sea level.