Trongsa Specials

Trongsa Specials

Trongsa District used to be the power center of Bhutan back in the days when the country was ruled by the Deb Rajas. Jigme Namgyel, the father of the first hereditary king of Bhutan, was the governor of Trongsa from where he controlled most the eastern region.

The spectacular 15th century Trongsa Dzong (fortress), perched high above the roaring Mangde Chhu (river), is the highlight of the tour in Trongsa. Further, the Royal Heritage Museum at Ta Dzong (erstwhile watch tower) offers an insight into the journey of Wangchuck Dynasty in Bhutan.

Apart from the royal memorabilia, the museum has other rare historical artifacts, including the copy of the Padma Kathang, the biography of Guru Padmasambhava, which was written by his consort Yeshe Tshogyel. The crown jewel of the museum however is the Raven Crown, worn by the first king of Bhutan, Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck.

Demography: 1st time Leisure/ Travelers / Explorers

Duration: 7 – 10 days

Best to visit: During winter.


  • Visit Trongsa Dzong, where the investiture ceremony of the Fifth King, then a Crown Prince, as the Chhoetse Penlop took place in October 2004.
  • Witness the five-day annual Tsechu in December.
  • Visit Kuenga Rabten palace, the residence of the First King.
  • An hour drive south of Trongsa is the winter palace of the Second King.
  • Visit the Karma Drubdey Nunnery.
  • North of Trongsa, there is a farm road that leads to Yuling village. Experience the life style of the local villagers.
  • Take an adventure hike to the tranquil meditational retreat center at Taphey Goemba (monastery).
  • Take a ride from Trongsa to Jakar, through the lush alpine forest and the majestic terrains.