Trekking in Zhemgang

Trekking in Zhemgang Bhutan

Zhemgang lies in the central part of Bhutan. It is one of Bhutan’s least discovered districts and a destination that is truly a “off the beaten track”. The temperature is moderate, which enabled the ecosystem to thrive making it a biodiversity hotspot – home to as many as 22 endangered species, including the Golden Langur. Zhemgang is also the source of the intricate bamboo crafts that adorn the shelves of the many handicraft shops across the country.

Demography: 1st Adventure seeking trip/ Explorer / Challenger.

Duration: 8- 10 days.

Best to visit: April to November.

  • Witness the indigenous art of bamboo works such as the mats, boxes, bangchungs (bamboo bowls), palang (alcohol container) and balaks (hats).
  • Experience the sub-tropical ecosystem, with which includes tracking elephants, various species of hornbills and other wildlife.
  • Experience the hospitality of the Khengpa
  • Participate in the Bon (pre-Buddhist) festival of Kharpud, celebrated with folk songs.
  • Visit the Zhemgang Dzong (fortress), Tali and Gomphu temples, and Duenmang hot springs.
  • Visit the Dangkar Traditional Tourism Village, take a dip at the Buli Manmo Tso (lake) and undertake the Nabji – Khorpu community trekking.